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Aide et Action and the L’Oréal Women’s Fund support the education of 300 vulnerable girls in Senegal

Faced with the existing inequalities between girls and boys in Senegal, Aide et Action and the L’Oréal Women’s Fund have made a commitment to support 300 vulnerable girls at risk of dropping out of school in the regions of Kolda and Fatick. For two years, these students will be supported to ensure their maintenance until ninth grade.

In Burkina Faso, thanks to vocational training, women are building bigger businesses

Aide et Action’s Training in the Service of Feminine Leadership (FORSELF) project in Ouagadougou, West Africa, enables women previously deprived of education to train for a trade and develop better income-generating activities. Mariam and Adama are two project participants who can attest in the project’s power to transform lives.

In India, new professional skills offer Susana a new lease of life

After dropping out of school prematurely and struggling to raise her son on her own, Susana decided to change her life. Through aesthetic training, provided by an Aide et Action program, she was able to open her own beauty parlour and earn enough money to support her family. Now, Susana plans to help others by giving them the same training she received, demonstrating the power of education to transform lives.

COVID-19: A huge leap backwards for women’s rights

Chennai, 18 February 2021. – Aide et Action, an international association for development through education, paints a pessimistic picture of the development of the rights of girls and women. Thus, at the same time of school desertion, they are more and more forced to stay at home. This is especially the case in the least developed countries. If action is not taken now, the “Next World”, which is slow to come due to the alarming development of the pandemic, risks starting with an intolerable decline in their rights.