Assam is the most severe flood and erosion affected area in India, accounting for 9.4% of the total flood-prone area of the country. In Assam, damage due to floods has been caused by two rivers systems – the Brahmaputra and the Barak. 

The project ‘Livelihood Improvement for River Erosion Victims in Assam – Micro Enterprise Promotion for Youth in Dibrugarh’ focuses on employable skill training and entrepreneurship promotion for distinctly different economically & socially backward target groups of youths living on the riverside of the embankment in Dibrugarh; relatively less educated daily wage laborers. A total of 250 youths are part of this project of which 50% will be female. 

The Aide et Action develops skill training programmes based on Entrepreneurship and Employability Potential Assessment results. This is followed by identification of youths; formation of peer groups and providing training.  


Overall Objectives: Capacitating 250 youths from poor and under privilege sections with special focus on families displaced by the river erosion of the Brahmaputra in 12 villages of Dibrugarh district of Assam, and thereby enable them to reach out to better livelihood opportunities and lead a dignified life.

Specific Objectives: This project would deal with the youth, where they are either not meeting the minimum educational requirements for employment training, or preferring the entrepreneurial route, will be provided micro-entrepreneurial skills for livelihood diversification and income enhancement.

Main Activities

  1. The awareness building and mobilization process focuses on soft & business skill development/livelihood generation among targeted youths of River Erosion victim population in Dibrugarh.
  2. Besides provision of technology training ranging from basic computer literacy skills to the usage of advanced business productivity applications, the project will prioritize on development of entrepreneurship skills among the target group.
  3. Entrepreneurship development trainings will be imparted with dedicated pilot activities aimed at future where project will help in setting up full- fledged training cum production units with laboratories equipped with relevant tools and machineries to help set up small and medium based enterprise models.
  4. This model training cum production unit would be set up at project location in the district. Total 10 group enterprise units would be established in the project locations of Dibrugarh.
  5. The project will directly help young entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses and create jobs for youth through business skills training, periodic mentoring & coaching with valuable feedback to improve business plan and access to finance and other relevant resources.
  6. Advocacy and social mobilization campaigns are prioritized to enhance appreciation and understanding about the importance of Micro Enterprise for livelihood diversification and income enhancement.

Expected Outcomes

  • Through this project, Aide et Action wanted to enhance and develop the skills among 250 youths which will open various employment opportunities for them and enable them to enjoy a much more improved standard of living supporting their family and meeting their needs.
  • Promotion of groups so as to provide a forum for sharing cross-learning experiences, developing and enforcing norms of repayment, and building solidarity.
  • Considerable number of youths trained will establish their own entrepreneurship venture with aid from different schemes.