In India millions of children grow without any social and legal protection. One such category is children who occasionally shift from their natural habitation and travel to far away regions and spend half of their life in unhygienic, uncared worksites as migrant children. These children accompany their parents and seasonally shift from one place to another and get primarily engaged in various unorganized sectors like brick making, stone crusher, and building construction and live in a makeshift habitation. Most often, these children get themselves excluded from accessing common minimum services, entitlements and protection of child rights due to frequent mobility and lack of proper policy framework to address the issue.

The project aims to demonstrate child  development & quality learning model for young migrants at the  worksite; Critical engagement with stakeholders for ensuring access to basic services and better living environment for young migrants at the construction sites; Access and continue education in their own mother tongue at the neighbourhood school; Influence construction industry for replication and expansion; Influence policies and programs pertaining to the rights and entitlements of young migrants;

Aide et Action will address the issues of nutrition, health, lack of access to basic services by young migrant children, pregnant & lactating women at worksites, along with learning, growth issues and mainstreaming of school going children.