Back to Basics emerged as a response to an increasing concern among policymakers, educationists and common people on the declining quality of learning in government-run schools. Back to Basics is a quality enhancement programme to achieve acceptable competency levels among children of primary schools. This is visualized as a campaign, wherein children attain age-appropriate competencies while they are in schools. As an accelerated learning program, B2B is targeted to address issues of in-school teaching-learning processes which intends to make an impact on the overall learning environment, wherein children demonstrate measurable improvements in learning. It is a quality enhancement program to achieve acceptable competency levels among children of primary schools (government Schools). B2B aims to create a positive change in the overall learning environment and improve the quality education among the students of grade I-V. The programme recognizes prevailing disparities that limit children and therefore the need for handholding so that they can become adequately competent and ensure a consistent satisfactory performance in the learning process.

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