State Level Consultations on Young Migrants held in 4 cities


The Bhopal, Chennai, Hyderabad and Patna Regional Offices organized state level consultation meetings to share the migration project updates with multi-stakeholders ranging from UNICEF, Government Departments, Civil Society Organisations, Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India (CREDAI), Construction Companies and the Media. The consultations were organized with the technical support of Migration Information Resource Center – AEAI SA. The meetings were part of the ‘Caring and Safe Environment for Young Migrants at worksites’ project which focuses on creative engagement with children of migrant workers to enhance their learning skills, physical & mental development and access to nutritional and health services. The consultations focused on the need for a better convergence between the government departments and civil society organisations in providing basic services and entitlements to young migrants at worksites. The involvement of the ground level officials of different government departments in the consultation has helped in bringing out a qualitative roadmap and their commitment to assure the basic services to the young migrants. For the first time, representatives from builder’s forum CREDAI participated in the event at Bhopal and promised to ensure a caring and healthy living environment for young migrants at worksites. A poster on “Rights of young migrants at worksites” developed in English, Hindi, Telugu and Tamil was released in all the consultations.