Government school teachers in Assam trained to handle multi-grade situations


Multi-grade situation at the primary school level is still prevailing in almost all countries in the world. India has the largest number of multi-grade primary schools in the world. According to the Seventh All India Educational Survey, more than 80% of primary schools in India have four or less than four teachers to manage five classes. Hence, multi-grade situation at the primary school level in India is a significant phenomenon and a genuine reality.

In order to improve the managerial skills of primary and lower primary school teachers to handle multi-grade situations, a two day training program on “Multi-Grade, Multi-Level Teaching during Pandemic” was organised in Nalbari Cluster under the “Addressing COVID Learning Gap” project supported by Child Aid Network.

Twenty one teachers attended the program which was formalised through an official order from the Block Elementary Education Officer – Borigog Banbhag Education Block, Govt. of Assam.

The objective of the training was to understand the challenges faced by multi-grade teachers and develop appropriate management strategies and skills to manage teaching-learning in a multi grade situation. The training was part of the newly implemented ‘Addressing the COVID-19 Learning Gaps’ project which is being piloted in two districts in Assam with the support of Childaid Network. The project aims to provide accelerated learning support to 1000 school-going children of ages 8-18 years who have been affected due to the prolonged school closures.