COVID 19: Update on our activities as of May 2nd


To protect the vulnerable populations that we support on a daily basis, our teams are doing everything to provide an emergency response to the Coronavirus crisis. Each week, follow the evolution of our activities in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Here is the update on our various interventions as of May 2nd, 2020.

Wherever possible, Aide et Action mobilizes all its human and material resources to develop its projects in favor of the most vulnerable populations. Educating communities on prevention measures and providing them with basic support is our priority. In addition to the activities detailed in our special report, here are the latest developments:


In India, our teams remain engaged with mobilizing and supporting stranded migrant workers. Some of them have now arrived in the villages of origin. It is therefore necessary to strengthen our hygiene awareness activities there.
In addition, the trainees in our iLEAD professional training program are always very active in providing support to those who need it most, with the priority of making protective masks.


In Vietnam and Laos, our educational projects are still on hold due to school closings. However, in Laos, our teams are working with local authorities to respond to the health crisis. To do this, they distribute disinfectant, masks and educational posters to vulnerable populations to help prevent the spread of the virus.
In Cambodia, food support through the distribution of rice and material support through the installation of handwashing stations and the distribution of hygiene kits are still in progress. Online distance learning is also implemented.


In all our countries of intervention, Aide et Action participates in the global response of States to fight against the virus. This takes place mainly in terms of awareness, but also at the material level with the possibility of distributing hygiene kits or building handwashing stations in schools.


In France, an emergency fundraising campaign was set up to support our activities on the field.
In Romania, after setting up a permanent office to distribute medicines to the marginalized population of the Satmarel slum, this time food relief is provided by our local partner Stea. A total of 140 packages will be distributed to the poorest households, each containing potatoes, rice, sunflower oil, canned meat, and hygiene products. For families with school-age children, notebooks, pens and some cookies or chocolate have also been added.

To implement all these urgent actions and to best adapt our projects to this emergency situation, we need our most loyal support more than ever to help us!