""Just a few months back, embarking into an organic vegetable farming co-operative had simply been a dream for Tshering Dema and her four friends. Later, with the support of startup funds rendered by Aide et Action International and further facilitated by the Bhutan Youth Development Fund(YDF), Tshering’s vision has finally turned into a reality.

Today Drukyul organic vegetable farm stands as one of the latest operational co-operative under My “Gakidh” Village in Toepisa. The farm, which had been left fallow for more than a decade owing to shortage in farming labor, is currently being established in an area measuring 3.87 acres and situated in an elevation between 1700 and 2000 masl. Additionally, having located right below Thimphu Punakha national highway the farm is expected to reap immense advantages especially in terms of marketing accessibility.

Had there been no current intervention initiated by Tshering’s team, the farmland would have turned into a dense forest. In the face of the current rural to urban migration, there are many more similar situations throughout the country whereby rural farming has come to an abrupt halt. The initiative demonstrated by Tshering and team would not only be an exemplary model to the nearby communities but would also encourage many unemployed youths.