Twenty six years old Pooja lost her husband 3 years ago. Unable to bear the harassment of her in-laws, she migrated along with her 3 year old son from her village in West Bengal to Hyderabad to work as a construction labor.

Initial days in Hyderabad were very tough for Pooja who has to struggle coping with new environment. Being a single woman, she also had difficulty managing her work and her son. When Aide et Action started the Child Care Learning Center in the construction site where she lived and worked, Pooja immediately enrolled him. 

Interestingly, she likes to spend her free time at the center supporting the facilitator. Looking at her interest, the facilitator taught her basic reading, writing and arithmetic; Pooja is now able to read hindi story books and perform simple arithmetic calculations. "I come to the center during lunch hour and help facilitator. I engage with the bengali children through songs and dance. I feel happy coming to the center. I share my problems with the facilitator who gives me suggestions. Based on her suggestion, I also started saving money for our future" says Pooja.

Pooja’s interaction with the facilitator has transformed her into a strong person. She plans to admit her son, who is 5 years now, in a regular school very soon and has also started saving money and hopes to see him as a successful person in life.