Kasturi Pariyar resides in Paiyupata, Ward 6 of Baglung, Nepal. Following her mother’s death, Kasturi’s father remarried and migrated to India leaving her at her aunt’s place. Her mother’s death resulted in significant psychological trauma on Kasturi who was in constant search of her mother who was never to be found. Her days as an eight-year-old child were spent alone at home, as her aunt was a daily wage worker.

In school, Kasturi was an isolated individual. She was stubborn and withdrawn, uninterested in her studies, and disobeyed her teachers. She rarely interacted with her peers, often creating conflict whenever she did. Kasturi was one day discovered by Aasaman Nepal social mobilizer, Sarita. She instantly did all she could to gather as much information as she could about Kasturi’s story, forming a bond with her and keeping her under continuous assessment. Kasturi was encouraged by the children’s club to become interactive. Through a variety of activities and discussions held surrounding issues such as hygiene and education, she gradually became increasingly active and well-adjusted. Kasturi’s aunt also became committed to supporting her personal development.

Life can change when efforts are made. This was aptly reflected in Kasturi’s positive behavior today. She is now very playful with her friends, constantly cheerful and often takes the lead in group activities. She exercises great discipline on a daily basis and has become a committed student. Most importantly, she now serves as a role model to others. Her aunt thanks Aasaman Nepal for working patiently with Kasturi and bringing a smile on her tiny lips and giving her such a fascinating childhood.