Srikarshika’s mother tried to abort on knowing that she was carrying a girl child. Though Srikarshika survived the abortion attempt, she was born as a deformed child whose woes didn’t end there. Her parents were too callous and never bothered to seek specialised treatment as suggested by the doctors.

After witnessing the negligent attitude of her parents, Srikarshika’s grandmother came forward to take care of her. Since then she has been attending to the child’s needs. Srikarshika was visually impaired due to her congenital condition. She underwent an operation in her limb at the age of 3 months. At the age of 3, Srikarshika underwent cardiology related surgery. Being a single woman, Srikarshika’s grandmother, Nagamani has been depending on her younger daughter’s income to treat the child. The medical expenses for the child has pushed the family into debts.

The Enlight project in Hyderabad has identified Srikarshika in 2017 and as a priority mobilized SADERAM certificate which is mandatory to avail government pensions for specially challenged children. Alongside, the team motivated Nagamani to take Srikarshika to therapeutic camps that were being organized in the project.

She was even taken to eye hospital for treatment and was under medication to recover the eye sight. Presently she is able to see short distance objects (low vision) and in a few years, her sight would be restored to normal.

Due to the multiple challenges and medical complications, Srikarshika has never been to school. With the medication and therapautic support, the team hopes that Srikarshika’s condition will improve for the better. The project is planning to enroll her in school in next academic year. Inspite of multiple complexities, Srikarshika is always on high spirits. She aspires to study and become a good human being.