Women must be acknowledged as equal partners of men


In a few days, the International Women’s Day will be celebrated. For this occasion, Aide et Action is offering you a full week dedicated to this theme, which is part of the priorities of our organization.


Like every year, 8 March celebrates the International Women’s Day. This date honors all women, acknowledged for their achievements in development, peace, education or security. Yet, habits and mentalities evolve slowly. Despite efforts around the world to achieve gender equality, the fulfillment of women’s rights and their participation in the political and economic process is still far from being a reality.


Eliminate all forms of discrimination


Historically, Aide et Action has made this issue one of the pillars of its social mission. Projects such as ‘Girl-Friendly Schools’, women’s literacy classes, community outreach to education for all … Our organization is multiplying approaches to contribute to the elimination of gender disparities in primary and secondary education and to take action in favour of women’s rights and gender equality. The association works to improve the school environment and to promote educational content that promotes gender equity, women’s literacy, and access to economic opportunities.


Give women their place back


Nowadays more than 34 million girls are out of school and nearly 500 million women cannot read or write. There is no doubt, however, that an uneducated woman is more vulnerable to pregnancy and early marriage, dependency and precarious work, as well as multiple forms of violence and human rights abuses. For Aide et Action, education of girls and women is therefore a priority.


Through the series of portraits and testimonials we made on the occasion of Women’s Day, discover throughout the week of 8 March, how we concretely act in China, India, Sri Lanka or Burkina Faso to make gender equality a reality!


For International Women’s Day, get involved with Aide et Action!

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