Togo: Raising awareness to curb the spread of COVID-19


The COVID-19 pandemic spares no country. In Africa, although urban areas are largely covered by information and awareness campaigns on barrier measures (television, radio, the internet, posters, etc.), the same is not true for more rural areas. This is why, in Togo, Aide et Action decided to carry out information and prevention activities in 11 villages in the country. This awareness campaign is conducted “door to door”, in order to be able to reach all families. To date, four villages and 2132 people have been approached.

Testimonials from residents of the affected areas.

“This initiative came to shed a light on a very important subject which had hitherto been little known to our community. Before this briefing, we only heard about the Coronavirus on the radio and via rumours. We weren’t even sure it was real. We did not know the ways of transmission and we continued our habits like shaking hands, gathering together to discuss matters of family or community interest. Today we know that Coronavirus really exists and that we can avoid it if we respect the barrier gestures about which the health and hygiene officer told us at length. I really thank Aide et Action and hope that it will continue to support and inform us in the fight against this pandemic. We will continue the door-to-door awareness campaign so that the messages are spread to our entire community ”- Mr. KPANABATE, President of the village development committee (CVD) of Pana-Bagou.

“I really want to say thank you to the initiators of this awareness campaign, especially for the images used to shed a light on this virus which has been destabilizing the whole world for months. We had already been made aware of the Coronavirus and had received kits composed of hand-washing devices from the town hall and a local NGO, but this awareness campaign came to give us more tools on the prevention measures and the symptoms of the disease. We are very satisfied with the messages conveyed during this initiative. The Boumongue community is now equipped to fight! – Head of the Boumongue district.

“I thank Aide et Action for the interest it has always shown in my community. Thanks to this door-to-door initiative, even the elderly who cannot leave their homes have been informed. Raising awareness continues every evening at the neighbourhood market and the saleswomen who were initially reluctant to preventive measures have also decided to practise barrier gestures. A hand washing device has been installed and social distancing is respected. All together, we will fight against COVID-19” – Mr. NATIYI, Head of the Worgou district.