Safe city initiative for children in Bhopal


The protection of children is key to ensuring all other rights of children. It involves preventive, responsive and rehabilitative measures to ensure children’s protection. While the priority is to ensure that no child is subjected to risk of being abused, neglected or exploited and that communities and children are equipped to protect themselves against any kind of violations, there ought to be systems and mechanisms for preventing violence and abuse as well as responding to children who may fall through the cracks, and be rehabilitated and reintegrated through appropriate measures. Children’s protection includes safeguarding children from marriage, abuse (including rape and prostitution), labor, neglect, abandonment, trafficking, violence, substance abuse and others.


Aide et Action has initiated “Safe city for Children”, a project in partnership with UNICEF in Municipal Corporation of Bhopal in November 2018 to develop a robust, sensitive, proactive and capable child protection system. The one-year project will equip the community, including children & adolescents, to take preventive and responsive actions to protect children.

Aide et Action is working towards creating role clarity of various government stakeholders through the development of district strategic plans for children and strengthen Child Protection structures such as Department of Women and Child Development, Child Welfare Committees, Juvenile Justice Boards, Special Juvenile Police Units and services such as Child Care Institutions, Childlines and District Child
Protection Units.

Aide et Action is working towards developing a capacity building package on Child Protection for front line workers, police personnel, political representatives, media personnel and adolescents/youth part of National Cadet Corps, National Social Service, and Nehru Yuva Kendra.