In India, Shyam transmits to other young people what Aide et Action taught him


In just a few months, the life of Shyam Ratan, 27, has literally changed. After taking professional training as part of Aide et Action’s iLEAD program, he now owns a garage where he repairs two-wheeler vehicles. In addition, he in turn trains young school dropouts who want to follow his path!

While in dire financial straits, Shyam Ratan, 27, decided to take professional training as part of our iLEAD program. This opportunity was particularly saving for the young Indian from the village of Amerikampa, near Bilaspur. Indeed, belonging to a category of the population judged to be inferior in India, his educational and employment opportunities were severely limited.

A relevant training

But thanks to our training program, designed in consultation with local businesses and at a placement rate of 74%, he was able to acquire skills adapted to the job market. Based on his skills, Shyam enrolled in the automobile repair. Thus, in a few months he learned the basics of the trade. However, at the end of his training, as there was no two-wheeler repair shop in his own village and the villagers had to travel long distances to have their vehicles repaired, Shyam decided to launch his own garage, the Shyam iGarage.

His journey inspired other young people and provoked a chain reaction. Shyam then decided to take over from the iLEAD program, agreeing to train in his turn other disadvantaged young people. He has so far welcomed 48 young people and he also oversees the management of other such iGarages that have been created in Bilaspur.

A virtuous circle

 “Initially I was little skeptical as I was not sure whether I would be able to manage the enterprise on my own and but after having a detailed discussion with the iLEAD team, I was convinced and I started working on my business proposal with the knowledge I acquired, testifies the young entrepreneur. “I am greatly indebted to Aide et Action team for mentoring me and helping me realize my potential. The instructors of the program were very approachable and soft skill training was extremely helpful.”

Opening a garage in his hometown allows Shyam to provide services to people in his community in addition to caring for his elderly parents. He currently employs four young people in his business.

The iLEAD program has so far trained 242,000 young people worldwide, 46% of them women. In Bilaspur alone, the program has so far placed 3,072 young people, for a placement rate of 78%.