iDream – A Complete Educational Solution for Last Mile Learners


Aide et Action is working with more than 2,55,000 school children, 2905 teachers and 994 schools across India and Nepal. Most of these schools are located in very remote areas and lack in learning resources and infrastructure. Going to school is often a huge challenge especially for the girl children and therefore, enrolment, retention and dropout rates are quite discouraging.

Information Communication Technology (ICT) has proven to be a crucial enabler of education. It has redefined pedagogy & quality of education and proven its ability to sync in with the expectations of teachers and students equally. Though ICT has the ability to connect children to a larger world of information but unfortunately thousands of ‘last mile learners’ are disconnected from this immensely potential tool.

Aide et Action in partnership with iDream Education is launching ‘iDream’ a mobile based App, aimed to provide uninterrupted access to learning and holistic development of children residing in rural areas. The App provides a range of learning modules not just in Hindi and English but also in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali and Oriya, aimed at improving academic and cognitive skills of children. Since most children in rural India enter school with only their local language, for these learners, using the mother tongue in education leads to a better understanding of the content and brings positive results.

The App is being launched amidst COVID19 Pandemic with the aim of helping children in continuing their education disrupted due to the lockdown.