“Emojis” get things moving, with Aide et Action, to alert on the situation of children deprived of education worldwide


On the occasion of International Day of Education (24 January), and as the sector experiences an unprecedented crisis, Aide et Action is launching an information and awareness campaign based on emojis. A universal “language” to remind the world that even today 258 million children are still deprived of education. To save the future of entire generations, urgent action is needed!

The third International Day of Education will have a particularly bitter taste this year. With 258 million children  deprived of education in the world or even 1 in 6 2  children unable to read a simple sentence, and this even after several years spent on school benches, education already knew a serious crisis long before the appearance of COVID-19.

The global pandemic has only made matters worse: more than 500 million3 children have been out of school for several weeks; 4 million girls4 are likely to be forcibly married in the coming months; and, as a result of the inexorable rise in poverty, child labour 5 is experiencing an unprecedented increase.

A universal language to alert the world

Faced with this catastrophic situation, Aide et Action has decided to launch an information and awareness campaign to alert the world to the urgency and gravity of the situation.

We have decided to use a language that has become universal, understandable for everyone – and especially for people who cannot read – and everywhere. Emojis, to tell the story of those who are still today, in the 21st century, deprived of any possibility of education. The story of the 12 million 6 girls who are married each year before turning 18, or the 152 million  7 children forced into labour each year. Emojis to alert, more generally, to the educational emergency and the situation of hundreds of millions of children worldwide that are even today deprived of access to quality education.

Take action together now, for education of all

These stories, these human tragedies, still too often ignored, must urgently come out of the shadows, be known and known to all and lead to a large-scale mobilization for the cause of education. It is no longer possible to wait: the future of entire generations depends on it.

Share our message, spread our campaign on your social media, together let’s put pressure on policy makers to take urgent action for education. You can also donate € 5 by SMS by sending EDUCATION to 92 220.


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