Burkina Faso: Solidarity in order to fight against COVID-19


On 8 June 8 2020, in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, Aide et Action provided COVID-19 prevention kits to the Cité de l’Avenir school, as well as to the Bogodogo municipal high school, both located in the 10th District of the town.

This endowment is part of the project for Local and International Solidarity for Development through Education (SOLIDE) already implemented before the Corona virus pandemic by Aide et Action within the two schools.

These prevention kits, worth one million CFA francs (~ 1,500 euros), consist of hand wash, hydro alcoholic sanitizer, soap, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) masks and posters to raise awareness around barrier measures.

“This donation is part of Aide et Action’s logic of intervention: ensuring that schools are not places where COVID-19 is spread,” said Rosine Traoré, SOLIDE project manager. “Aide et Action did what the District had to do for all schools, but unfortunately we lack the means to meet needs”, as the education officer of the 10th district regretted. The director of the school Cité de l’Avenir for her part specified that these kits will serve well beyond the pandemic, in order to sustainably strengthen hygiene in the school environment.

In Burkina Faso, as elsewhere in Africa, the resumption of lessons for classes with an exam / diploma to sit, still represents a risk which can be reduced thanks to scrupulous respect of barrier measures and access to means of hygiene and of prevention. Against COVID-19, education and solidarity have a key role to play!