Against child labor, Aide et Action develops a strong and effective protection system in India


Against child labor, Aide et Action develops a strong and effective protection system in India


Even today, it is estimated that 150 million children work in the world, of which 115 million are engaged in activities that are dangerous for their health or safety. To reduce this injustice, in Bhopal, India, Aide et Action has developed a “safe city” initiative based on a strong and effective child protection system.

While the Universal Convention on the Rights of the Child reaffirms the right of the child to be protected against economic exploitation and any work endangering his health, education or physical, mental or spiritual development, there are still some 150 million child laborers worldwide, of whom 115 million are engaged in hazardous activities.

Prevent the injustices and risks of child labor

As part of its projects, Aide et Action raises awareness of the dangers of child labor. Our association informs parents, authorities and entrepreneurs of the injustices and risks of child labor, through meetings or awareness campaigns.

In India, in particular, where many children are likely to work, we have set up a “safe city” initiative in partnership with UNICEF. Developed in the city of Bhopal, in the center of the country, it consists in proposing a system of protection of childhood, solid and powerful.

Strengthen child protection structures

The priority is to ensure that no child is at risk of abuse, neglect or exploitation such as forced marriage, abuse (including rape and prostitution), labor, neglect , abandonment, trafficking, violence and addiction. For this, we educate communities to be equipped to protect themselves against any kind of violation.

Beyond raising awareness, the “safe city” initiative is developing preventive and adapted measures to provide effective support to the child workers who will now be able to be rehabilitated and reintegrated more easily thanks to the project. To this end, Aide et Action strives to clarify the role of different government actors by developing district strategic plans for children and strengthening child protection structures such as the Department for the Advancement of Women and Women’s Rights, child protection committees, juvenile justice commissions, or special police units and services for minors …