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“Emojis” get things moving, with Aide et Action, to alert on the situation of children deprived of education worldwide

On the occasion of International Day of Education (24 January), and as the sector experiences an unprecedented crisis, Aide et Action is launching an information and awareness campaign based on emojis. A universal “language” to remind the world that even today 258 million children are still deprived of education. To save the future of entire generations, urgent action is needed!


COVID-19 border closures endanger the lives of thousands of cross-border workers

Around the world, the COVID-19 crisis has forced countries to close their borders to protect populations from the virus. But despite its health benefits, this decision has caused great economic hardship cross-border workers whose survival on trade and free movement was suddenly interrupted. Now, they are facing destitution.


Right to education: a pipe dream for the most vulnerable children

Although guaranteed by the International Convention on the Rights of the Child since its ratification by more than 192 states thirty-one years ago, the right to education is still denied today to more than 258 million children who are among the most vulnerable in the world. A shame as we celebrate the 31st Day of the Rights of the Child today.