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COVID-19: With the support of Aide et Action, Indian communities make masks

Due to the impact of COVID-19, there was a steep decline in the sale of “gamusa”, the traditional Assamese festive fabric which is usually in demand during the Bihu celebrations (Assamese New Year). In this situation, Aide et Action helped the communities reinvent the use of gamusa as masks to fight the corona epidemic. A fruitful initiative!


Amidst COVID lockdown, Aide et Action rescues stranded migrants across many cities

During the last 21 days of the nationwide Covid lockdown, Aide et Action rescued as many as 1600 migrants stranded across the many cities after receiving request calls, appeal videos, and references from various Civil Society Organization networks. We have also reached out to 245 migrants of other states in Odisha on request of government officials and CSOs of concerned states.


Our volunteers educate migrant workers on Covid-19

Prior to the nation-wide lockdown to curb the spread of Corona, our facilitators of Child Care Learning Centres and inter-state education volunteers have conducted awareness programmes for migrant workers on precautionary measures, maintaining social distancing, personal hygiene and keeping the living condition clean etc.