Yashwanti is back to school

Anand Garh students bring Yashwanti back to school

Yashwanti Khusre is a 4th standard student studying in Parsatola government school along with her two siblings in Kanha Tiger Forest, Bhopal. She lost her mother at the age of 6 years due to which her father remarried and migrated. He left the children in the custody of their poor grandparents who do daily wage work and were unable to provide attention to them. This resulted in discontinuing school and children were involved in household chores.

AEA’s Schooling and Learning Improvement Project- field coordinator Mr Vikrant inquired children about not going school and interacted with their grandfather, who expressed dissatisfaction helplessness over the whole issue.

On the next day, Vikrant shared this information with children in Anand Ghar upon which all of them went to Yashwanti’s home to convince her grandfather to send them to school. It was found that Yashwanti was sweeping floor and other two siblings were fetching water. Hence, all the school children assisted them in finishing their work. Thereafter, children spread books and started reading to engage these children in their activities. The entire day was fun filled and the whole locality witnessed this event. This led to transformation in Grandfather who had tears in eyes and shared that he never knew that his grandchildren were missing all this in life.

From then, three of the kids regularly attend Anand Ghar every day and participate in various activities. Yashwanti is happy for coming back to school along with her younger sister and brother.

“We were left abandoned and our lives were at the verge of getting destroyed. Thanks to Aide et Action for coming to our aid and help us reconnecting with school once again”, says smiley Yashwanti.

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