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Worst ever floods in 14 years grip Sri Lanka

The 30-year prolonged war in Sri Lanka displaced thousands of children and devoid them of their schooling. And just when the new generation of Sri Lankan children were on the verge of getting access to education, the cyclone Mora destroys their schools, learning material and hope for a better life. Help us revive schooling for children by providing support.

Sri Lanka remains in the grips of the worst flooding and landslides in 14 years that has killed at least 202 people and is expected to continue for many more days. According to the latest reports, 96 persons are still missing and about 6,30,000 people are affected across 15 districts of Sri Lanka.

The Aide et Action South Asia – Sri Lanka office along with our iLEAD project staff and students across Hikkadua, Balangoda and Ahiliyagoda are very actively engaged in supporting the most severely affected people, particularly women and children by arranging alternative shelters and water & food needs through the local government support.

We are currently involved in detailed assessments, however, based on the initial assessments by our staff in the affected areas, we have found out that following needs are not being covered by any of the agencies at this point of time:
1. Revival of schooling, as many children have lost their learning materials (notebooks, books, pen and pencil, etc)
2. Psycho-social support to children and women to come out of trauma

Apart from this, we have also realized that the preparedness at the community and local government level was severely lacking. Therefore, in medium term we should also take up the work related with disaster preparedness with special focus on children and women’s safety and security. Considering the fact that now Sri Lanka faces disaster related with floods and landslides almost every alternate year due to changing climate, such an initiative would be very important. We plan to prepare children, youth (through our iLEAD Centres) and local government authorities to cope up with such natural disasters better in the future.

Please support the flood affected families in Sri Lanka with a donation. Your contribution will help us deliver educational aid to these children affected by floods.

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