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Stakeholder consultation on Care, Learning & Healthy Environment for the Children of migrant workers

Hyderabad: Aide et Action International (AEAI) organized a state-level “Stakeholders consultation on Care, Learning & Healthy Environment for the Children of migrant workers” on 29th November 2016 to share the experiences and learnings with the government, construction owners, civil society etc. During this consultation meet, a wide variety of issues pertaining nutrition, well being of migrant children and their rights, access to education and protection were discussed.


Suresh Gutta, Regional Manager – Aide et Action South Asia shared that in a recent survey conducted by them, it was found that more than 2000 children in the age group of 3-6 years do not have access to Early Child Care and Education services while 3000 children in the age of 7-14 are away from schools in the construction sites of Seri Lingampally. He also share that through the Care, Learning & Healthy Environment for Children of Migrant workers project, more than 568 children (0-14 years) are availing Early Child Care Services in 14 construction sites.


David Raju, State Program Manager – UNICEF informed the audience about various services provided by the Government for the welfare of the children. He requested the facilitators of the Child Care Learning Centers to utilize the 1098 child helpline for the protection of migrant children in the worksites. He felt that it is every individual’s duty to protect the rights of the children.


Mr Srinivas Reddy, General Manager – Vajram Constructions while addressing the participants informed that their company has taken notable welfare measures for the betterment of the children by partnering with Aide et Action to provide Early Child Care support to the children of migrant workers in their worksites.

“They live in utter poverty. Most of them are malnourished, in tattered clothes and are vulnerable to all kinds of diseases. They just travel with their parents, who, in search of livelihood travel across states. They are neglected because the only thing on the parents’ minds is to earn money and survive the day,” said Lateefa, a CCLC facilitator.

A poster on the rights of Children in the worksites was released at the meet.


Government Representatives from Women & Child Welfare Department, UNICEF, Construction companies, NGOs – MV Foundation, Youth for Seva, Telangana Parent Teachers Association and parents of migrant children took part in the event and shared their experiences and views which were incorporated into the action plan developed by Aide et Action.

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