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Nations through the eyes of Artists


COLOMBO – 27th May 2016:  Aide et Action, an international not-for-profit organization, will organize a unique exhibition, “Monumental Connect and Many Other Shades of Connect”,  featuring famous water-color artist of Sri Lanka, Mr. Royden O. Gibbs and a photo-exhibition of a young Indian artist Ms Anavi Singh, at Lionel Wendt Art Gallery, Colombo from 28th May to 30th May 2016.

Royden through his paintings will highlight the architectural similarities between India & Sri Lankan Buddhist Temples and monuments. The paintings will showcase the Indian cultural artworks, executed during his month-long visit to Buddhist monuments (in Nagarjunakonda and Amaravathi) and the Nizam & Asaf Jah dynasty monuments (in Hyderabad), India last year.

On the other hand, Anavi Singh, a student at the United World Institute of Design in India, has spent significant amount of time capturing Sri Lanka through her lens. As an Indian, she will present her perceptions of various shades of Sri Lanka in the exhibition.

Speaking about the exhibition, Mr Ravi Pratap Singh, Regional Director, Aide et Action said, “The exhibition would present the perspectives of two people on two countries they have travelled”. He further added that this cross-cultural exchange is very important to integrate people of different cultures, which in turn would help in strengthening the existing political and economic ties between India and Sri Lanka.

The exhibition will highlight Sri Lanka through the eye of an India and vice versa. The proceeds of sale would go towards vocational education and skills development of most underprivileged youth of Sri Lanka.