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Floods in Sri Lanka: Emergency appeal to help us revive education of children

Aide et Action Sri Lanka office reaches out to Ratnapura district, one of the worst affected from the floods and landslides, and provides relief material to the survivors and educational material to the children affected by the floods.

The heavy rainfall and landslides have killed more than 200 people and hundreds of people still missing. More than 100,000 people, evacuated during the weekend due to heavy rainfall, have returned to their homes. More than 80,000 others are still refugees in makeshift camps.

The Aide et Action South Asia Sri Lanka Office along with iLEAD team and students immediately swung into action and reached Ehaliyagoa area in the Ratnapura district of Sri Lanka, one of the worst affected district.

The team along with many other like minded individuals and organizations pooled  resources and  provided relief  to the most affected families.

“We are very helpless now. A part of my house was damaged by floods. My husband is a painter. I have three children” said Pushpa Ramyalatha. “We were in a very bad situation until Aide et Action team visited us. We are still in Pahalagama Buddhist Temple with our children. We lost many things because of these floods. I have two children. Thank you very much for these donations” adds Sithara Dissanayake, a teacher in Meegaswela, Ehaliyagoda.

Apart from providing immediate relief material such as food & water, Aide et Action focused on providing educational material inorder to ensure education of children without any disruption.

“The children lost their books, shoes and the school uniforms. They are crying for them. They are still unable to understand what happened to them. By giving a parcel of books to all these students in our village who have been affected by floods, you have done an immeasurable service. I must thank the teachers of iLEAD for giving a good guidance to their students to do social activities like this” said Sithara Dissanayake.

As per the government instructions Aide et Action undertook the relief operations  with the coordination of the district and divisional level government authorities. iLEAD-Ehaliyagoda has been carrying out these relief operations with the full corporation, support and guidance of Divisional Secretariat office-Ehaliyagoda.

 “I really thank you for this donation.  You have done a great work. People who live around Eheliyagoda are very helpless with the floods and landslides. I appreciate it very much because it will be a good support to the students who have been affected by floods. As an Organization working on education you have taken a good decision to donate books. So I again thank you all on behalf of my staff. ” said H.S. Dissanayake, Divisional Secretary-Ehaliyagoda.

Aide et Action is calling on your generosity to allow Sri Lankan children to return to a “normal” life as quickly as possible, and this includes going to school.

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