Delivery Boy to Sales Man

Delivery Boy to Sales Man

Deepak Kumar (20) a youngster used to work as a delivery boy in a retail shop to support his family. Due to untimely death of his father, he became the lone breadwinner. The shop keeper aware of his circumstances and his need to work exploited him by paying Rs 2,000 as monthly salary which did not suffice family demands.

A local social worker, who was a regular customer at the groceries shop after observing his status brought Deepak to iLEAD Jalandhar centre. After counseling session, Deepak enrolled in Customer Retailer course and worked part time to support his family. His economical constraints did not let him complete 10th standard due to which he had low confidence levels.

However he was a keen observer and great zeal to learn knowledge. Initially, during the training, it took little time to pick up pace with classroom sessions. With regular counseling and activities like Gossip Circle Empowerment (GCE) he became confident and there was a striking change in his entire personality.

After his three month course at the centre, he was placed at TTS Store for computerized billing. Now he earns Rs 7500 which helps his family and supports younger sister pursue her education. “Deepak is confident and has convincing personality due to which our work is increasing. We will always support him for better future”, says his Employer.

Yashwanti is back to school

Anand Garh students bring Yashwanti back to school

Yashwanti Khusre is a 4th standard student studying in Parsatola government school along with her two siblings in Kanha Tiger Forest, Bhopal. She lost her mother at the age of 6 years due to which her father remarried and migrated. He left the children in the custody of their poor grandparents who do daily wage work and were unable to provide attention to them. This resulted in discontinuing school and children were involved in household chores.

AEA’s Schooling and Learning Improvement Project- field coordinator Mr Vikrant inquired children about not going school and interacted with their grandfather, who expressed dissatisfaction helplessness over the whole issue.

On the next day, Vikrant shared this information with children in Anand Ghar upon which all of them went to Yashwanti’s home to convince her grandfather to send them to school. It was found that Yashwanti was sweeping floor and other two siblings were fetching water. Hence, all the school children assisted them in finishing their work. Thereafter, children spread books and started reading to engage these children in their activities. The entire day was fun filled and the whole locality witnessed this event. This led to transformation in Grandfather who had tears in eyes and shared that he never knew that his grandchildren were missing all this in life.

From then, three of the kids regularly attend Anand Ghar every day and participate in various activities. Yashwanti is happy for coming back to school along with her younger sister and brother.

“We were left abandoned and our lives were at the verge of getting destroyed. Thanks to Aide et Action for coming to our aid and help us reconnecting with school once again”, says smiley Yashwanti.

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CCLC makes Naina school ready

 Child Care Learning center makes Naina ready for school

nainaBaby Naina (6) migrated from Chattisgarh to Bhopal along with her mother Ms Sem Bai and father Mr Ajay, who worked as daily wage labourers in BDA construction work site. She used to regularly attend Child Care Learning Centre (CCLC). She loved playing with toys and was not interested in writing and learning poems.

However in one year of time period, there was an improvement in her interest towards writing and reading. The facilitator then discussed with her mother over admission in a government school. She revealed that very soon they will go to native place and admit her in a school. This August 4th, 2016, the family migrated to Chattisgarh.

One fine day, Ms Sem Bai telephoned the facilitator and informed that Naina got admission into a school. She narrated that her daughter answered all questions with confidence and recited poems very fluently, which surprised the school teachers. Up on questioning, Naina answered that she had learnt in CCLC in the construction site and teachers appreciated the efforts of facilitator for making the base of child so good. She received school dress and books from the school management, informed Naina’s mother.

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Nothing Can Hold Us Down

Nothing Can Hold Us Down

IMG_6373Lapiadshisha, Day Olingke and Ester Nita are speech impaired girls from families with average income and studied in the Bethany Society’s Hearing Handicapped School, Laitumkhrah. Day & Lapiadshisha discontinued their formal education after failing in Xth class while Ester discontinued after XIIth Standard.

Post their school education, Day and Ester were idle at home while Lapiadshisha joined in a bakery course offered by a catholic organization in Shillong. Unfortunately, she was not so confident to take up baking as her profession.

At this point, their teacher in Bethany Society, Ms Bendre referred them to Sheela, iLEAD Center in charge. During the counseling session, Sheela was apprehensive of how the faculty and the girls would communicate with each other. Her apprehensions got cleared when she saw Anjilis, Lapiandshisha’s cousin who accompanied them to the center and was communicating in sign languages with them. Anjilis was a school dropout herself and learnt the skill with her own interest. This skill of Anjilis has become a blessing in disguise for her as the faculty suggested her to join the course along with the other girls.

Apart from joining the iLEAD beautician course, Anjilis also plays the role of interpreter and is now the bridge between the faculty and the girls trying to explain the girls. Thanks to her efforts, it has been one month since the start of the batch and the faculty never faced difficulty in explaining concepts to the girls. “First time we have admitted special students and we are very happy. They have skills and they are performing well. After this, we will admit more such girls. Thanks to Anjlis for helping us. And very soon, I also want to learn the sign language too” says Waksuk Buhphang, Beautician course faculty.

“Since my childhood, I always wanted to become a beautician but I didn’t know how, as I was poor. Thanks to my teacher, iLEAD faculties and Anjilis, very soon I am going to reach my goal. The iLEAD has given me an opportunity and I will not let it go now” expressed an emotional Lapiandshisha. The girls have become so confident that they already planned their future course of action after completion of the course. “We want to work in a parlour for some time and then start our own business. We want to partner with Anjilis and run our business” smilingly signaled Lapiandshisha who spends around Rs 40 to travel all the way from her village to the center. Though it is difficult for her to spend so much daily, she is hopeful that the amount spent is worth and would help her settle in life.

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