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1,12,000 Children reached in 2015
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What we have done

  • Provided quality education to 1,12,000 children in 965 primary schools located in tribal and buffer forest zones through learning enrichment classes
  • Constructed 15 temporary school shelters in Lamjung district, Nepal where 1,600 children have resumed their education
  • Provided quality education to 18,000 children from the Mishing community in Assam, India
  • Established 275 child & eco clubs to promote leadership skills and ecological conservation
  • Provided support to 3,590 teachers on developing low cost teaching learning material
  • Provided quality education to 2,346 children with disabilities
  • Established 965 School Management Commitees bring together parents, teachers, community members and students to encourage local governance in schools
  • Ensured decent housing for 24 migrant families in Hyderabad and Chennai

Stories from the field


Ten year old Bomma’s parents never imagined their son would read & write in Kannada. For this tribal boy and a first generation learner who attends the Melukamana Hally Girijana Colony Government Primary School, it was very difficult to understand simple words in Kannada and English. Due to lack of interest, he missed classes very often. This was the case with most of the children in the school.
To address this issue, Aide et Action introduced digital teaching & learning technology through mobile tablets in the school. Various education related mobile applications were developed in the local context and installed in the tablets. This helped the teacher to teach in simple ways using technology, making the student understand the subjects easily. Once the tablets were introduced in the class, there was no turning back for Bomma. He started learning simple words in Kannada and English. He also solves Mathematics problems easily. Once backbencher, Bomma now leads the class.
“I can learn and remember rhymes & stories and say the names of animals, birds, fruits much easily” says a smiling Bomma.
“Now my child shows interest to go to school. I took part in the Child Competency Assessment, and I was surprised when my child was reading kannada. He can solve Maths problems easily” says Bomma’s father.

—-children-at-tlcFollowing the devastating earth quake in April, Champabati Primari School on the bank of river Chepe in Ilimpokhari, Lamjung district of Nepal got destroyed. With no other alternative space, the school was closed for a month.

The children in the village were in a state of fear after witnessing continuous tremors. To divert them, Aide et Action immediately supported some playing materials to the children along with material to construct temporary school structure.
The School Management Committee mobilized the villagers to carry the materials to schools from the main road as far as 1 ½ km and construct the temporary learning classes. Once the temporary spaces were built, the classes resumed and the children are at their best to learn and play. Though it is difficult to forget the devastating experience, the teachers and the community along with Aide et Action team were able to ensure that the children overcame the fear.
Along with Champabati School, Aide et Action supported 15 schools to construct temporary learning spaces which were identified by District Education Office (DEO).

“We got relief material from various sources. But Aide et Action is the first organization to support schools after the earthquake in Lamjung district.” Says Surendra Raj Parajuli, District Education Office.
Help us reach out to the children in need. By committing a small fraction of your income to protect children in need, you can help save a child and contribute to humanity. You can donate as low as INR 500 per month. You will get your tax exemption certificate within 15 days of your one-time donation (quarterly in case of regular donors, who pledge monthly donations, after their first month’s donation). You will get quarterly updates on how you are making a difference.


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