Women Empowerment and Education

Two-thirds (529 million) of the world’s illiterate adults are women
31 million of the world’s girl children (54% of all children) are deprived of primary education

Girls’ and women’s education – is a core issue in all Aide et Action’s projects. Therefore, we ensure that all our projects directly or indirectly involve women and girls as important stakeholders. In the education projects, women are encouraged to form Mothers’ committees that closely monitor the activities of their children in the school. With this experience of interacting with teachers, School Management Committees and Block Education Officials, the women are drawn into playing a key role in the school and village governance.

Aide et Action also engaged with women’s collectives and helped the women transform into entrepreneurs and leaders.

Similarly, the migrant women and adolescent girls living in brick kilns or construction sites often get engaged in work at the worksites. The unhygienic and unsafe environment at worksites and rudimentary knowledge prevents them to take care of their personal health and hygiene needs. Moreover it has been reported that they go through gender based violence and get sexually exploited. Aide et Action has promoted the formation of Adolescent and mothers’ committees at the worksites where they are sensitized on their basic needs, care, protection, health and hygiene.

Source: AEA South Asia Activity Report 2015

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