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Earthquake in Nepal, floods in Chennai
Conflict in Sri Lanka

This year, South Asia witnessed multiple disasters across the region. Thousands of lives got displaced due to the diverse disasters like earth quakes, cyclones and floods. Naturally, the communities belonging to economically and socially backward sections were the most severely affected. The disasters had direct repercussions on the education and livelihood of these communities. Working closely with the local partners, volunteers and communities, Aide et Action responded to the need to address the issues that emerged due to these disasters.


In April 2015, Nepal and some northern parts of India witnessed earthquake which measured 7.9 on the Richter scale. Over 8,000 people were killed and 21,000 were injured in Nepal. Aide-et-Action has reached out to the earthquake survivors in Lamjung district, the epicentre of the earthquake and provided relief material like tents, food and cooking material to the affected communities.

Further, Aide et Action developed a response plan to help children get out of the psychological trauma under Nepal Earthquake Response, by ensuring schooling, their biggest daily routine, to start quickly. AEA started operating temporary schools for the children of 28 villages of three Village Development Committees (VDCs) of Lamjung district and later supported local communities in reconstruction of schools.


The Chennai city recorded the highest ever downpour in a single day in December, breaking a 114 year old record resulting in floods which submerged the city for over 10 days. In a cumulative manner 35,000 people in 25 locations across severely affected areas in Chennai were reached.

During the course of relief and rescue operations, AEAI-SA developed a strong network of more than 100 committed and dynamic youth volunteers in and around Chennai, who came forward to support our future campaigns and activities.

Source: AEA South Asia Activity Report 2015

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